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Our Story

brothers 18 & 20 as of 01.01.2022 and Marco the father-(we do not need to reveal the age here) from Pulheim in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.  Like everyone else, we too had to go through the stressful Corona pandemic, isolation, school online, graduation or, not, working from home, etc.. All of it happened so fast and unexpectedly that we were in a state of shock and at the same time very annoyed by it.  We asked ourselves, how can something like that even happen- how can politics be so helpless, how can society not work together for the same good.  What was even worse was the mounting anger and hate that was appearing amongst us- all over the world.


Our family does not like the word hate, at all- as there is no room for it in our society, especially when it brings aggression with it.  BUT…. we do love to make fun of it or use it for the good of our society. Do not be confused, it can actually work- THE THINGS WE LOVE TO HATE. 😊

We turn hate into either something positive or make it funny and cute!


CRAY ‘Z’ is born

At one point we were at the dinner table discussing how easy it is to actually hate and how we should try to change the meaning and make it work for our purpose. Yes, doing something good with it simply helps more.  We needed to find a way to help the people on the front lines- the nurses, the doctors as one thing is for sure – they were doing awesome work in awful circumstances. If we support them, we would be able to get closer to our goal of defeating the pandemic together.  And only together we would be able to get hate to disappear.

The emotions that arise with the word hate, are very strong but they can be focused to build something positive. - our goal. The things we love to hate is our positive motto: I HATE….Corona; hate speech; violence; natural disasters, but on the fun side, even Mondays, or jogging, and don’t forget TikTok or Social Media for that matter. For everyone who is of the opinion that their hatred is real and ok, we say: Not true. There is no hatred that has a right to exist out of conviction.

All hatred is devilish and crazy but the opposite is loveable and heartfelt. This is actually how we came up with the name CRAZY HATE and our devil hearted logo CRAY ‘Z’.  Hate doesn't decrease when the world changes, only when you change and rethink your world will the world change into a better one. Be aware of this and automatically there will be more love and positiveness.



Make the world a better place by enabling people to have a reason to help and provoke a positive action.



We believe we can „pass it on” by using our business for something good.  Our mascot has a name and it is CRAY ‘Z’ – Crazy for what hate does and Z for zero tolerance of aggression.


MISSION: Business 4 good

Every three months we will focus on one ISSUE that is particularly bothersome in the world; otherwise known as CRAY ‘Z’ OF THE MONTH. We will promote this theme in our social medias, and donate half of the net proceeds to help people, groups, communities, or organizations to do good for that particular theme.



Half of the net sales of all products will go to help organizations and volunteers that are helping the victims of this terrible war.

donation goal: Humanity First, so that Corona can also be defeated in poor areas of the world.


donation goal: the black youth project The Black Youth Project

The donation goal does not end after the end of the focus months for a motif/issue. 50% of the net profit will be donated permanently to the donation goal or similar in case we change scope.


We absolutely, positively, categorically   


That is why we absolutely do not go on sale with any of our merchandise!  That is also why we do not over produce; as a matter of fact we do not produce at all….. UNLESS, you purchase one of our products. Then it goes into production only for you and that is also why it takes a little more time for you to receive it.  Make sure you plan your buy to get it on time, especially when you have an event. 😊 and by the way…. Do your best not to send it back so that we can maintain our promise of no waste and Zero tolerance for it.